Grotesque Romanticism is a project I made to express, I wanted to create something that leaves open interpretation but makes clear how I see life and many other things like your own journey of self growth and development. I wanted to show the steps everyone of us is going through if you want to interpret it for life itself, like you come into this world, wounded and alone  and "blossom" out of it, which will always repeats it's circle in the same way because we are always learning, always failing and adding more and more layers of knowledge and growth. The blossom had some contrary effects on some people who at first throught of it as weird and bizarre, some others thought of it as beautiful at first I created it. This is just life. After shooting with Carla I connected these two creations and produced something new with it. 

Creative & Art Direction
Liz Leister
Photography, Edit, Motion Design
Liz Leister
Liz Leister
Styling Assistant
Sadiya Scholles
Carla Kowollik, Genevieve Maki, Julia Sapion